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Friday, June 24, 2011

She's ALIVE!

Wednesday June 22nd started out pretty good! I was starting to come out of my drug coma and I slept well, even though I was in a hospital bed. My nurses were really good at keeping me up on my meds and heparin shots and my mommy got there around 8. Dr. Smith came in to see me and he again told me that everything went very well. As he was talking about my hernia he was tapping the spot where he cut me open and I about screamed in pain but luckily he saw the look on my face and realized what he was doing and apologized profusely lol. He told me that there is a small chance that the hernia could open up again, but that they would monitor it periodically.  The staples would remain until my post-op visit on the 11th and I cannot lift over 15 lbs for at least 6 weeks. The Gastric went perfectly and the staples from those incisions would be removed before I left the hospital. Before he left he told me I was golden and that he had so much confidence in me and was glad to be on this journey with me. Awesome! If anyone is ever going to consider having this surgery, I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Sherman Smith with Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians
After a nice walk and teeth brushing, I felt wonderful. I had a flower delivery from a sweet friend I haven't seen since high school (Thanks Shellie!) and a visit from my beautiful cousin Teah! At around 2 Tom, my sister in law Kathy, her bf Dustin and my baby girl came to see me! Hannah was super excited, as was I. She brought me gifts (a beautiful sun-catcher with purple flowers and a wall plaque that looks like a stepping stone and says love.) Daddy said she picked them out all by herself. I love that amazing little person and was so happy that she came down with Tom. Kat and Dustin stayed for a few but they had other business in Salt Lake so they took off. Hannah got me up and we went for a walk together. She was so cute holding my hand and told everyone that we passed that I was her mommy and she was very proud of me for having surgery.  Hunter stayed home with Grandma Lynda, who I am SO GRATEFUL for, for so many reasons.  My sweet mother in law is an amazing person and I have relied on her so much throughout the last few years and she always comes through for me no matter what. I am truly blessed to have her in my life to help us raise our kids and to just support us in all that we do. I am lucky to have a mother/daughter relationship with her and I am honored to call her my mom and my friend. Words can't ever express the gratitude I feel towards her and I hope she knows that I love her with all my heart. Even though I missed my buddy, I knew he was being very well taken care of.
I started to get a little tired after our walk and I knew they were going to take away my morphine so I punched that button and took a nap. While I was sleeping, Hannah and Grandma Sally went to lunch and then she and Daddy went and explored the hospital. When I woke up I had some broth, which I tolerated well and then it was time to start getting ready to GO HOME! Hannah wanted to watch them take out my IV and my staples (she's such her mommy's daughter) and held my hand the whole time. The staples did not hurt at all coming out (unlike the ones for my last C-section) and after a final heparin shot and some paperwork we were ready to rock and roll.  We got out of the hospital around 5:30 p.m. and the sunshine again, felt warm and comfortable. I didn't know if I would make it up into big truck, but my husband, always the gentleman, shoved my butt up and in (I actually think he just wanted to cop a feel). We lucked out and didn't hit traffic until about Lagoon and then it was bumper to bumper. It was a miserable, long ride home but finally we made it!  Kat and Hunter were home when we got there and with a "mama you home!" my little boy came running into my arms. Heaven.


Marcia Wilson said...

So glad you are doing well and I hope it's ok that I have blog stalked you!! I'm cheering for ya and sending you all my good vibes!!

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