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Monday, June 27, 2011

Leave it to Hannah...

My daughter Hannah is the most amazing child in the world. Honestly, I'm not even being biased, strangers with children of their own tell me this constantly. She has the ability to brighten any room she's in and make everyone around her feel loved, included and comfortable. I don't know where she came from, well actually I do, it was straight from Gods arms to mine and I would not trade her for all the money on the planet. One of the things I love most about my daughter is the way she can find the positive in any situation and make me laugh like I'm watching a paid comedian. Yesterday was one of her greatest performances and I needed it more then she will ever know.
After my wake for the pizza on Saturday, I woke up Sunday and decided I was going to try to have a better day and not let the demon food pester me so much. I got up, took a shower and while I was air drying on my bed nekked (to help the incisions and the staples in my belly button) my daughter came in to visit. Now, we are a naked family, so this wasn't a shock to me or Hannah that I was just hanging out naked. Hannah asked me if I needed anything and I asked her if she would mind fixing me some breakfast. She squealed and, in typical Hannah fashion, jumped up, thoroughly excited to take on this task. She carefully measured out 2 oz of yogurt like I had showed her the day before and brought it in to me. Then the fun began. I will now share with you almost word for word the 30 minutes I spent having naked breakfast in bed with my baby.
Hannah (in an English accent): Ladies and gentlemen, I now present for your viewing pleasure, mommy eating breakfast naked.
Me: really?
Hannah: yes really, this is fascinating mom and our viewers want to tune in.
Me: (giggling) Well do I look ok?
Hannah: You look naked mom. (again in the English accent) We are live in mommy's bedroom where she is about to eat her delicious yogurt made especially by her adorable daughter.
Me: (taking a spoonful of yogurt)
Hannah: watch as she lifts the spoon to her lips, doesn't she look super excited to be eating that fabulous yogurt?
Me: (laughing hysterically) I can't eat when I'm laughing!
Hannah: (giggling herself) just go with mom.
Me: stop! let me just eat.
Hannah: (in the English accent) we are experiencing technical difficulties folks, I think we need to give mommy a minute to calm down.
Me: (still laughing) ok I will try to eat, but you're not making this easy!
Hannah: no, I'm making it fun!
Me: wow. incredible."
Hannah: (in the English accent) Ok we're back! Mommy seems to really be enjoying that yogurt, probably cuz her daughter made it so perfectly! (we both start to giggle) Look at how full that naked tummy is getting. mmm mmm good!
At this point we are both in hysterics (maybe ya had to be there) and she ended with "This has been eating breakfast with mommy naked, stay tuned for our next show, eating lunch with mommy naked. This is Hannah Michelle Sneddon signing off"
As I watched her skip off to take my empty bowl to the kitchen I felt so overjoyed, even though my stomach hurt (literally) from laughing so hard. I decided that, instead of crying over the things I could not have, I needed to count my blessings and remember everything I do have, and my daughter Hannah (along with her silly little brother) is the greatest blessing in my life. Thank you for breakfast baby, you will never know how much it meant to me. I love you more then you can imagine. -mommy.