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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holidays - food = no fun.

It's been crazy few days in the life of the incredible shrinking Jenni. First, it was the 4th of July holiday weekend and, well, it pretty much blew chunks. What do you think about when you think of the 4th of July, besides fireworks? BBQ! Burgers, dogs, watermelon, ice cream, chips, dips, chains, whips... wait, that's a different holiday entirely... but you get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I loved spending time with my family on both sides but it was the hardest weekend of my life. It's pretty pathetic to say that because, after all, it's JUST FOOD, but when your addiction IS food, and you can't NOT eat, it becomes the worst addiction in the world. I can't go to treatment or quit cold turkey for my addiction because I literally can't live with out it. So therefore, I have to watch everyone else enjoy what I can't have, and have ONLY what will nourish my body. So there I sat, after fixing my kids their plates, with my 2 oz of tuna fish and suffered in silence. I have to keep reminding myself that I chose this and I have to learn to live with the tough stuff.
On a positive note, my incredible mom took me shopping with her last Friday and I had SO MUCH FUN trying on clothes! I was like a fat kid in a candy shop (only not quite as fat!) and I think my mommy could see how happy I was and purchased a few select items for me!! She rocks my world every day! I don't know what I would do without that amazing lady in my life, on this journey and every other journey I've taken. I'm down about 4 sizes and one of the shirts mom bought me is a 0X! I think that would be considered a large, but whatever, 0X sounds way cooler! Then, on top of the shopping spree I got to go shopping in her closet when we got home! My mom has lost quite a bit of weight herself (she's actually a skinny mini now!) using Isogenex and I took home 2 bags of clothes to get me through the next phase of weight loss! Woohoo!
Later that day, my wonderful hubby bought me a new phone as a -100 lb present! I love my new phone (the my touch 4G) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tom for being so supportive of my crazy mood swings, whining about food and general crabbiness lately. He is my rock, my best friend and the best part of my life. I am so blessed with the most amazing support group any person could possibly have!

Week 2 picture. Hannah took this with my new phone!

Spicing it up with the android! LOVE IT!

So, I think this is one of the best pictures of me EVAH!
 The holiday is over, finally, and I have about a week and a half left till I go back to work. I am down about 35 lbs since the day before my surgery and ALMOST down 100 lbs since January 15th! This process is definitely a psychological roller coaster but hopefully soon it will slow down a bit. I'm never hungry but I crave everything so go figure. I do have to say though, that every time I look in the mirror I FINALLY like what I'm seeing!!


Robin said...
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Robin said...

I've been following your blog via my friend Debby Erickson's blog. I just wanted to tell you I think you are very pretty. Congratulations on your success. Good luck to you as you continue on your wright loss journey.

Brenda said...

After my 4th of July weekend camping with friends, I know how hard it would have been to delete the food over the holiday! Like I told my friends, we would save a lot of money and hassle if we just emptied our fridges and went to one another's houses and ate it all in the backyard! Kudos to you for sticking to it. The pictures are showing results - you look great! Keep it up!

Shellie said...

Jenni you are looking awesome! I am so excited to see your progress.I know it has got to be extremly hard being around food especially at holiday gatherings but Im glad you are looking on the positive side of things like Smaller clothes! Eeek! What girl doesnt LOVE that!?? Im so happy for you, keep up the good work, you are going to get through this! xoxox

Joe and Melly Craven said...

Very cool! I completely hear ya on the yummy food though. If it were just about all of us being hungry, none of us would be fat. It's all about those damn cravings!!! Keep it up. All that weight loss is great incentive!