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Monday, July 11, 2011

First follow up and fabulous friends

Today was my first follow up with Dr. Smith since my surgery. After a hellatious morning, which I do NOT want to blog about because it is something I want to forget very soon, Mom and I arrived at St. Marks. My blood pressure was SKY HIGH, we're talkin 165/103 probably due to said hellatious morning, but my weight was fabulous (I'm down to 293 now!). Dr. Smith came in, took out my staples and told me I was an excellent healer! WooHoo! A little friendly chit chat and a "well done" and we were all set. He released me to go back to work next Monday to give my belly button time to heal, poor wittle belly button has been through a lot. On our way out they gave me a disc with my before pictures that were taken the day before surgery.
I have always dreamed of having "before" pictures and I can't wait to see my "after" pictures, coming soon!!  Today was a sick day of sorts because I really couldn't keep much down. My body is still adjusting I guess and having a hard time digesting certain foods. Maybe I am introducing too many things at once and should go back to my beans and cheese for a couple days. All I know is I have felt nauseated since I woke up this morning. I did get the thumbs up to return to the pool in a few days so maybe starting my exercise program up again will help balance things out as well. I can't wait to get back into the water! The best part of the day by FAR was a little get together with some of my besties from high school this evening! Maranda (my personal trainer and life-long BFF), Charity (another amazing BFF whom I haven't hung out with in FOREVER) and Kati (Jr. BFF and Maranda's sister with the cutest little brown babies in the world, besides my Jack of course) and all their kiddos came out to my moms to play! It was so much fun to hang out and catch up on the goings on in each others lives. As I sat there, I remembered so many sleepovers and play dates (which were not called play dates back then, it was just "I'm going over to charity's house, bye!") and thought how cool it was that we were sitting here while our kids were playing together. It was kind of a surreal moment but amazing as well.  I love so much that I have such great friends that have been in my life for so many years! I think Maranda and I have been friends for 30 at least! I am blessed to have these girls, and so many others in my life. Whether we've know each other for 30 years or 3 years they all mean a great deal to me. Thank you Roo, Charity, Kati and Ash for making my crappy day a whole lot brighter! And mom, thank you again for saving me and truly being my hero. I love you more then words can ever express!

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Mica said...

Isn't smaller clothes shopping the best food therapy? When your cravings are the worst put on a pair of your old pants and hold them away from your stomach. Look down. Those increasing inches of empty space are your hard earned reward. Keep your chin up, and try to keep that food down.

Love ya,