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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 Months!

Six months ago today, my life changed forever! I began the toughest journey I've ever faced and, although I had started out a little bit ahead, I had a long road in front of me. As I look back over the last 6 months and read some of the posts from right after surgery, I am still, more the ever, glad I made the decision to have gastric bypass. I have lost 120 lbs since surgery and 188 total since last Christmas! I went from a size 32/34 pants and 5xl shirt, to a size 14 pants and med. or large (women's... NOT PLUS!) shirt! Also, oddly, I've gone from a size 9 shoe to a size 8 and I'm now five foot 3 and half inches as opposed to the 5'5" I was a year ago. I still limit my food to all protein, no carbs but I do eat a little more then 2 oz on occasion (but I pay for it with uncomfortableness!) My diet is pretty much the same as it has been. I eat a lot of cheese, beans, chili, deli meat, cauliflower pizza and, of course, my oatmeal on Mondays! I have been slacking on the exercise of late, but after the holidays we are going to get right back on track! It's hard in the winter to want to do something other then snuggle under a warm blanket with a good book, but we have made a family goal to get our butts back off the couch and DANCE ONCE AGAIN!
I still get double takes in the grocery store and people coming up to me saying, you have lost a lot of weight, like I hadn't noticed lol, and I still get so many compliments from friends and family which makes the journey so much easier! I have a ton of skin. That is probably the only side effect I've experienced. I didn't lose my hair and my skin still looks fabulous (avon anew products help with that too!) and I've never had the dreaded "dumping syndrome" that people seem to always associate this surgery with. Plain and simple, I follow the rules. I take all my vitamins every day, I drink over 75 oz of water a day and I don't put sugar, bread or carbonation anywhere near my stomach!
At my 6 month dr. checkup with Dr. Smith, he said I was doing absolutely amazing and I am totally on track for making my 1 year post surgery goal of 175 lbs! That is just shy of 50 lbs to lose in 6 months and I plan to make it!
I would not have been able to make it through these last 6 months without my sweet Tom, Hannah and Hunter cheering me on and, of course, all my family and friends supporting me on a daily basis! You all have been wonderful and I am so lucky to have so many people who care about me and who are proud of me! I know my daddy and now my grandma Carol are cheering me on from above and I hope I can continue to make them proud as well.
Now it's Christmas. Treats are EVERYWHERE! It's hard, but, as you will see in the pictures below, it's totally worth it!
Last Christmas morning
A couple of weeks before surgery at Hannah's make-over party! Don't I look beautiful!
About a month after surgery
Today, 6 months and 120 lbs later
Hannah was making me pose! It was a photo shoot!

Then she cut my head off!
These are the pants I wore at my almost heaviest (at my heaviest, these were too tight and I had to resort to stretch knit pants) These are what I am wearing in the picture of me and Ash on the bridge! I am in one leg of them.

Hannah wanted to get in the other leg!
Of course, Hunter wanted in on the photo shoot too!

I always wanted one of these pictures!

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Mica said...

You look amazing and best of all, you're still YOU! I'm proud of your level of self-control. The holidays are the hardest, we have food everywhere and friends and neighbors are showing their Christmas Spirit by bringing over candy and goodies. The dratted "bite-sized" treats are my downfall. Congratulations on hanging in there. Between work and trying to get ready for Christmas, who has time to exercise? That's what New Year's resolutions are for...look where yours got you! Love ya.