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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear diary....

Ok I am slacking way too much on this blog deal! It's like, remember in Jr. High when you would get a new  diary and the first page would read, sept. 1, 1987 dear diary... I am totally going to write in you every day! It will be so rad to read this in the future when I'm married to kirk cameron! Yadda yadda... Next page, Sept 1, 1990 WOW! It's been like 4EVER! I cant believe I wanted to marry Kirk Cameron! What a total dweeb I was! Everyone knows Keanu is my future hubby! It's my last year of Jr. high and I have a feeling it will be the best year ever! 9th graders rule the school! Page 3,  June 26, 1997 holy crap it's been awhile!  9th grade sucked! Tomorrow I'm getting married! Not to Kirk or Keanu....

You get the idea. But I honestly do want to try to keep this updated as much as possible... for reals!
So, as far as my GB goes, all is well. Things are moving a little slower then I had anticipated, but I'm trying to look at the big picture which is 132 lbs gone! I am feeling wonderful, and loving my new body so far! Yesterday I was walking home from getting Hannah at the bus stop, but she went with her Aunt Kathy instead so I was alone and one of my dear friends came out of her house and didn't recognize me!! That is amazing to me! She gushed over me for a few minutes (which I, of course, reviled in) and we had a lovely visit. Things like that remind me that this IS working, and giving it some time is not a bad thing. I also went to water aerobics last night for the first time since surgery and it kicked my vanilla booty but it felt amazing! One thing I noticed was that doing kick down, kick outs made all the loose skin on my legs and thighs jiggle and was the weirdest feeling! I loved the workout and can't wait to go again tonight!
I'm eating about the same and its getting boring! I did get a new recipe from my awesome cousin Alicia called zucchini pizza and I love it! It's basically pizza toppings on a piece of zucchini (preferably a large one) and it's delicious! I still have cravings and right now it's peanut butter! I eat about a teaspoon a day which helps but a nice PB&J sandwich would be awesome!
Well dear diary, that is all for now. I will write again very soon! (hopefully before I'm retired!) Love, Jen.

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